Cereal Export Business

American Flamingo Group will export cereals from the United States, Mexico, Canada, Australia and Europe to China for the next three years for well-known Chinese distributors.

• Mung Bean • Wild rice • Black wild rice • Quinoa • Organic black beans • Organic millet • Organic whole wheat flour • Organic Oats • Job's tears

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Mung bean
Black wild rice

Wild rice
Edible Oil Export Business

American Flamingo Group to export agents, promote self-operated way to China, India, Japan and other countries and regions export edible oil.

• Olive oil • Avocado oil • Grapeseed oil • Linseed oil • Sunflower seed oil • Soy salad oil
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Olive oil
Linseed oil
Soybean salad oil

Sunflower seed oil